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Dr. Latterman’s expertise in Linguistics allows her to employ a methodology that is very different from traditional therapy. While most therapists only address individual problems, Dr. Latterman also addresses the root cause of the problems itself—Communication. This allows you to not only solve your current problems but avoid similar problems in the future!

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Do you feel like you are not heard, whether in a relationship or at work? Or perhaps your thoughts are holding you back from reaching your potential. Dr. Latterman can help!
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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Couples often experience frustration or anger, and communication is often the silent culprit. Dr. Latterman can help you solve your problems and their root cause.
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Parents/In-Laws Therapy

Parents-In-Laws Therapy Are your parents or in-laws driving you crazy? You very likely have different communication styles, which can lead to misunderstandings and a strained relationship. Learn how to get your relationship back on track!
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